5 myths that keep many individuals from buying a home.

These5 myths keep many individuals from buying a home. Not buying a home experts sayis the number one mistake keeping individuals from gaining personal wealth.

·Choosingto buy would in almost EVERY case significantly reduce the amount they payevery month for the same amount of home. Mortgages are lower than the currentrent prices and over time the amount you pay in mortgage stays the same whilerent continues to rise, giving you a larger benefit each year.

·If youthink you have poor credit or not enough credit, you may be wrong. And if yourright-I work with great loan officers that offer FREE credit repair to helptalk you though what you need to do to increase your credit score and will evenassist you for no cost to get you ready to buy.

·If youthink you don’t have money for a down payment- there are MANY offers availablefor NO DOWN PAYMENT/ reduced down payment, etc. that you will likely qualifyfor.

·Lastly,some first-time home buyers don’t know that having a realtor help you buy yourhome is COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU. Both the buyers and sellers realtors get paidfrom the sale of the home directly from the seller. Buyers incur no cost for arealtor. Also, it is in your best interest to choose your realtor first, ratherthan looking up a house on your own and calling a realtor that is alreadyrepresenting the seller. You want an agent that will work only for you.

If I’mright that any of these items appeal to you, reach out to me today.

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